Allure Med™

Multifunctional Laser


Field of application:

  • surgery
  • phlebology
  • ENT
  • dermatology

Project status: The project is implemented by 100%


Collecting documents. Preparation for serial production.


Allure Med ™ with a wavelength of 970 nm. The variability of the device implements almost any surgical method of influencing the tissues of the body. In particular, resection, coagulation of the vessels, vaporization, cauterization, complete removal of benign neoplasms.

It is widely used in laser cosmetology and allows you to effectively eliminate such problems as:

— treatment of couperosis
— treatment of rosacea
— treatment of nevus
— treatment of portwine mark
— facial telangiectasia
— venous lake
— telangiectasia on the legs
— removal of neoplasms (moles, warts, papillomas)
— removal of keratomas
— removal of hemangiomas


The wavelength of 970 nm was chosen by Antaross due to the fact that there is a low absorption of melanin and the maximum effect of the hemoglobin. Unlike 1470 nm lasers, the "target" for the beam is not water, but hemoglobin. The energy of the "hemoglobin" laser is absorbed by the blood more actively (in comparison with the "water" laser, 1470 nm), providing a more pronounced coagulation effect. Additionally, it is possible to remove (vaporize) tissue structures with pathological changes. This depth allows you to remove both red and blue vessels.


The high output of the Allure Med™ device allows you to more accurately make an impact without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Also, a common problem with lasers is the discrepancy between the actual and specified radiation parameters. The Allure Med ™ laserhas a built-in energy meter and the possibility to calibrate it

The Allure Med ™ device is equipped with the patented Morbius interactive software with a large number of ready-to-use treatment protocols.

The equipment has a modern design and ergonomically comfortable manipulators.

The device is reliable, unpretentious in operation and does not require any consumables.


  • Market research;
  • Carrying out marketing activities;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Development of design, technical solutions and technical specifications
    for Allure Med laser medical devices;
  • Production of an experimental batch of samples of Allure Med devices;
  • Commercialization;
  • Production of a serial batch of Allure Med devices;
  • Introduction of Allure Med devices production.
    Preparation and implementation of registration procedures for obtaining
    the State Registration Certificate for Allure Med medical devices in FSUE "Roszdravnadzor". Carrying out marketing activities.


Type of radiation
infrared laser, non-ionizing
Source of radiation
semiconductor laser
Handpiece is produced in
Handpiece resource
5 000 hours
Working radiation wavelength, nm
970 nm
Diameter of the light aperture in the optical connector
0,22 mm
Operating modes
Continuous, pulse, pulse-periodic
Pulse duration, ms
from 1 to 1000 ms
Pause duration
from 1 to 1000 ms
Energy density, J/cm2
from 1 to 100 J/cm2
Maximum radiation power of the guidance laser
not more than 3 mW
Divergence of the laser radiation at the fiber output
Type of optical connector
Length of the lightguide fiber tool
diameter 400-600 microns (end-type), not less than 2m
Optical transmission of the fiber tool
at least 60 %
Supply voltage
Mains frequency
Power consumption
not more than 100 watts
not more than 110x55x35 cm
not more than 35 kg


Photos of equipment: